The most advanced Atomic Synced Clock.


Down to 1 centisecond precise.



***Ultra Precise, Ultra Accurate, Network Synced Atomic Clock***


As a group of friends, we did not want to spend ton of $ on fancy gold and diamonds wrist watch.


Unseated we have spend lots of time and money trying to achieve the most accurate mobile clock possible.


Accuracy means perfect rhythm to the smallest piece of time

-as it is very difficult to read time under a second, we have made a 4th        hand for Centiseconds.


Accuracy doesn't mean anything if your perfect time piece is not synced with the official reference time.


Syncing is the other part of accuracy, our piece is synced with a  ultra precise Time Servers network.


Evaluation of the accuracy of the synced information is crucial, We design a time gauge to know exactly how accurate is the time displayed on the screen.


For know we achieve to be precise at one centisecond,

we will try our best to go under this digit.

Detailed features:


- Accuracy down to 1 centisecond (Without subscription 5 centiseconds)


- Syncing to a network of time reference servers up to 16 in USA for better accuracy(Without subscription 1 server)


- Auto syncing continuously


- Display the device clock(With subscription)


- Show the time difference between the device and the official time(With subscription)


- Reference time for Asia/Europe/USA


- Jump between 2 time zone (Time Zone or local)


- Audio signal per second ON/OFF


- 4 different alarm sounds


- Multi push alarms on multi time zones


- Multi time zones alarms



- Time zone table :


• official time zones

• military time

• aeronautical time

• astronomical time


Q" it possible to sync the device's clock with your clock?...."


A"Accutaly it is not possible to sync the devices clock with your app. the most interesting feature is to autosync in settings.

The time displayed will the one from your mobile network provider, witch can be different form officla time."



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