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Make Bobby Talkers customize and deliver crazy messages in video to your friends and family.

Just a click and tap away, he is always here to make you
laugh when you feel sad or lonely.

Much Better than a parrot , better than a carrier-pigeon… Bobby Talker is the first character of the talking talkers family. Send video of the talking talkers 3D characters with your own voice from your iPhone/iPod/iPad to all your friends. Bobby Talker repeats back to you everything and anything you care say to him with the craziest funniest voice. Its hours of laughs playing with him, sending and receiving customized video.

Features :

Talk to bobby, he will repeat back
Tickle bobby, he will laugh out loud
Tap his eyes he will protest
Tap or double tap bobby's belly...
Pinch his hears, he will make funny noises

How to send video message* :

Record the message through the rec button
Play to watch the video
Send it with your own iPhone/iPod*/iPad by mail


Watch a video

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Credits designers : A.Demongeot, F.Buffiere, G.Carré, S.Capern


(*) Plug earphone and mic in from repeating and recording features.
Video format is Mac / iPhone / iPod / iPad friendly (and can be read on most devices and pc’s).
(*) Carrier might apply a fee when sending video trough edge, 3