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Carl Repeats everything you say with the funniest Voice.

Carl is the funniest character that
ever lived in your pocket !

Tickle him, he will laugh out loud.
Poke him and he will shout and yell.
And Pinch him to hear it growling.

Carl is hours of laugh for children of any age.
Parents will love him too because it is peacefulness while kids are playing with him.
But don’t ry it, you’ll never give it back to them.


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Our users says :

"The funniest app ever, I enjoy it every morning to start a good day."
"My kids love him, they drain all my battery"
"I can’t phone anymore, my son doesn’t give me my iPhone back”
"Roaaaaar... I love you Carl !"

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Carl is a character designed by yann le coroller